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Our new & improved website

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It was time for an update.

The design of the old website was primarily made and best viewed on a desktop computer. It looked fantastic on a desktop! However, I soon realized that most of the customers we were getting were coming from mobile and the mobile version was not the friendliest. Another underlying issue was simply that the technology was getting old which lead to longer loading times for things like larger images or third-party plugins. Although ordering and purchasing were never a problem and everything was working fine for most people, there were a few peculiar cases where customers were reporting that the website was not accessible in Spain or that the product gallery couldn’t be viewed properly. I started to feel like I was losing a lot of customers due to the glitchiness and so an update was vital.

This new and improved website is powered by WooCommerce which I cannot recommend enough. No programming skills are needed and no complicated coding is involved. There is a learning curve but I wouldn’t say it is steep. I watched a few hours’ worth of tutorials on YouTube, just the basics and from that I could stumble my way around to create the features I wanted. There are loads of videos online on how to get started. It does feel quite intimidating and I did get very frustrated with it at times so if you feel that way too then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There are a couple of new features on this website that I am really proud of and I hope you will like them too! For example, I am a big fan of the big cover image and video we use on the homepage – that wasn’t easy to do for phone, tablet and desktop. It needs to look good for all three! I also love our product pages especially the photo gallery and the info tabs that are now easy to scroll through, they look phenomenal, if you ask me.

There is also another big feature that is coming soon! That’s the Affiliate Program page. This is a big one and I’m very excited about it. I’ve thought of having an Affiliate Program for a while, I think it’s the best way to spread the word and help our business grow.

Test & Share your thoughts!

The new website uses a different “architecture” and the most important part of the transition was to retain all the customer information in the new system. We took great care to make sure that the transition ran smoothly, but because of the amount of data, we had to rely on automated systems for the migration.

If you run into any issues signing into your account, please just send me an email to either fashion@spreadingcolor.com or through the “Contact Us” form and I’ll fix it for you! We made backups of the old database to make sure no information is lost.

Have fun with new website and please tell us what you think of it below! 😊


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