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Have a laugh with some Covid-19 memes

Covid-19 Memes
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The funny side

Where would we be without memes? Without their constant presence to ridicule and critisise our lives while at the same time informing us and making us laugh. They have this amazing social impact and life would certainly be less entertaining without them. Now, with Covid casualties rising and no foreseeable end in sight, all we hear and see is bad news when it comes to Covid-19 and this can impact our ability to be productive and engage in our work. You can, however, take comfort in the fact that this is certainly not the first time us humans have had to deal with life altering situations, we’ve had plenty of practice as history shows! So, what can history tell us? Well, it tells us that we humans are adaptable creatures and that in times of crisis, when we are frightened and don’t know what to do, we turn to humour to help us cope.

I’ve certainly enjoyed this surge of creativity in the meme world. Thank you to all the meme creators out there, you’ve certainly made quarantine more fun! Here’s a small sample of my favourite Covid-19 memes – I hope it brings you a little relief. If we don’t laugh about it, we’ll cry 😭😁

1. 2nd day of quarantine

2. Weekend Travel Plans

Covid-19 Meme - Travel Plans
Where are you headed to this weekend?

3. You have one job!!

Covid-19 Meme - One Job
It can’t be that hard.

4. It has come this

5. Social distancing edition

Covid-19 Meme - Where's Waldo?
It’ll keep the kids occupied for hours

6. Tokyo 2020

Covid-19 Meme - Olympic Games

7. Tons of hard work

Covid-19 Meme - Books

8. Panic Buyer

9. Quarantine Fashion

10. One more – not a funny one yet helpful..

Covid-19 Meme - Helpful
The first day of spring is usually a time of optimism and hope. But the Corona crisis is bringing anxiety and despair. Please remember this.

Which one is your favourite? 😀 Comment below? 👇

Source: 9gag.com

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