About us

Spreading Color is a multi-brand online women’s fashion store focused exclusively on spreading colorful fashion across all boundaries. Our style is sultry with a timeless elegance. Our pieces embrace a women’s femininity and sensuality, contouring the female form, and sculpting the body into an irresistible silhouette of desire.

Spreading Color eludes the monotonous, monochrome color schemes and uses only a spectrum of vibrant colors that are striking and intense. These stunning colors will brighten up any day and make you feel amazing.

The source of our inspiration emerges from the fashion scene in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. South American fashion is heavily influenced by its indigenous cultures, the flora, fauna and its tropical climate. The combination of all these elements result in a colorful, dramatic and unconventional style that is never forgettable. The South American touch is bolder and louder, mixing prints, colors, and textures without much regards to the rules of fashion. Spreading Color will emulate and develop this style.

We are adamant in offering only quality pieces that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come. We search far to make sure these pieces are made with quality stitching and materials. We also make sure that our collections stay diverse and unique.

Spreading Color is committed to finding every lady that longs for more color in her life and make her happy. We want you to try something different! Step out of your comfort zone and be inspired to wear color!

Spreading Color is Your Window to South American fashion and style!