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Spreading Color in the Saxony Newspaper!
Spreading Color in the Saxony Newspaper!

Saxony editor & photographer, Steffen Gerhardt, interviews Spreading Color.

Saxony newspaper

A few months ago I introduced our brand spanking new Summer Collection from Brazilian brand Lez a Lez. Lez a Lez is an urban beach brand that focuses on producing multi-purpose resort wear that can be worn long after the holidays are over. Season after season they bring out beautiful dresses, all equally wearable for anything from beach outings to summer life in a bustling city or for a night out on the town.

A lot of Lez a Lez's dresses are made of cotton and linen and are therefore great trans-seasonal pieces which make your wardrobe more sustainable and versatile. Adding to that are their great prints, which capture the memories of a fun, happy and relaxed holiday in South America.

With these beautiful dresses now in stock in our store, I quickly moved on to the next step: organizing, preparing and executing the photoshoot.

To make sure everything runs smoothly on the day, this step took a lot of careful contemplation, planning and work. Once all details were ironed out, checked and scrutinized thoroughly, models were ready, photographer ready and all that's left is just to wait for the scheduled time. It is right about here that I started to feel quite nervous about the whole thing - will we get through all the dresses in time? Will outfit changes go smoothly? Will the weather hold up? What if the dresses get wrinkled, will I have time to iron them in-between shoots? Plus just the overall nerves of working with people I've never worked with before.

Photoshoot time finally rolled around and as you can expect, when you're well prepared, things are more likely to go well. It was a very successful day for us, we finished everything, the models were fantastic and professional and the photographer was very enthusiastic and detail-oriented. I knew by the end of it that we had taken some brilliant photos. A big thank you to them for making the day such a blast and so successful.

In a wonderful coincidence, Steffen Gerhardt (our photographer) told us that he was an editor for the Saxony newspaper (a state-wide newspaper for the state of Saxony in Germany) and that he'd like to interview us and write an article about our store. That interview took place a few days later, if you'd like to read it AND you speak German then it's available here:

Click on the bold link below

Here are some of the great photos we took for our new Summer Collection 2020:

Heartfelt Stripes Crop Top & Midi Skirt

Our lovely model Maria, modelling the "Heartfelt Stripes" Crop Top & Midi Skirt. This co-ord is made of thick cotton and can be worn in different ways over different seasons.

Collecting Seashells Dress

Our lovely model Lea wearing the "Collecting Seashells" Dress.

Wild Night Midi Dress

Maria wearing our "Wild Nights" Midi Dress

Starfish Wishes Dress

Lea wearing our "Starfish Wishes" Dress and "Nature's Present" Bamboo Shoulder Bag.

Lit Afternoon Dress

Maria taking a mirror selfie in the "Lit Afternoon" Midi Dress

Heartfelt Stripes Crop Top & Midi Skirt

Our lovely models Maria and Lea looking beautiful and doing an excellent job!

If you live in or around Görlitz and are in need of a great photographer and/or great models to work with, I can highly recommend these lovely people:

Click on the bold link below

Steffen Gerhardt: Photographer's Website & Instagram Steffen Gerhardt

Maria Woithe: Instagram Maria

Lea Kühn: Instagram Lea

Post on : May 25, 2020
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Author : Cynthia C.

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