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Have a laugh with some Covid-19 memes
Have a laugh with some Covid-19 memes

The funny side of the corona pandemic.

Where would we be without memes? Without their constant presence to ridicule, criticize, satirize our lives while at the same time uplifting us, informing us and making us laugh. They have this amazing impact and life would certainly be less entertaining without them. One important thing memes never forget to remind us is that many of life’s struggles can have a funny side to them, if we just look at things through a different perspective. Navigating Covid-19 is definitely a struggle, but the people of the internet are here to help.

I’ve rounded up my favourite Covid-19 memes that I hope will have you chuckling as you scroll down. So here they are, 9 noteworthy Covid-19 memes that will put a smile on your face during this difficult time.

1. 2nd day of quarantine

2. Weekend Travel Plans

3. You have one job!!

4. It has come this

5. Next week: shapes and colors

6. Tokyo 2020

7. Tons of hard work

8. Panic Buyer

9. New York nurses explaining the current covid-19 situation in their hospitals

To wrap it up, here’s one more but this one has more of a feely-goody pitch, helpful though.

10. First day of spring usually brings a time of optimism and hope. The Corona crisis is bringing anxiety and despair. Please remember this.

Which one is your favourite? Comment below?


Post on : Apr 21, 2020
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Author : Cynthia C.

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