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Iorane - Brazilian Brand
Iorane - Brazilian Brand

A little about a Brazilian brand we're super excited to introduce soon at Spreading Color!

Welcome back to the Spreading Color blog!

On this post I’d like to share with you a South American brand that I’m so happy to have discovered. There’s no shortage of excellent brands out there, I know there’s tons of them, but I personally continue to get so excited whenever I discover a new gem, and a new exotic gem from South America is even better! The brand is called Iorane. They’re a Brazilian brand that’s well-known and very well established in Brazil. Every time I look at their new collections, I’m blown away with what they’re able to do with clothes. Their creativity is channeled to truly unique pieces and then you see their photoshoots and it just looks so incredible.

So, first a little background on this brand. Iorane originated in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and the name Iorane is the name of the designer Iorane Rabello, who started the brand over 20 years ago. They’re a high-end clothing brand with a lot of stores throughout Brazil, and ultimately their standout creations started generating quite a buzz in the US and internationally. Their breakthrough in 2015 meant Iorane could launch their first physical store in Miami and since then they’ve continued to expand globally. They’ve participated in various fashion shows and have received celebrity status recognition when Sarah Jessica Parker wore (more than once) one of their signature sequin dresses to some public events.

In my opinion Iorane is a brand worth investing in, not only for its quality but because each piece is really something special. It’s not a style you’d easily find around. It’s South American fashion in all it’s glory!

So the pieces I want to show you from Iorane are of the brand's specialty: sequins!

Iorane rainbow mini sequin dress

Iorane's rainbow sequin dress from their Autumn/Winter '19 collection.

Iorane rainbow sequin long dress

Flashy isn't it? It's a rainbow of bright colors! I love the low cut & how much it reminds me of a rainbow.

Iorane blue sequin mini dress.

Visual vibrancy at its best! What a dress!

Iorane blue sequin dress.

I don't even have an occasion to wear this to, but I want it anyway and I'll find a way to squeeze it in somewhere...somehow.

Iorane purple sequin dress.

I can't enough of sequins - it's sparkly, shiny, mood-enhancing...

Iorane purple animal print dress.

I wanted to show you some of Iorane's expertise outside of the sequin realm and here it is - a stunning purple animal print dress! Do you like it?

Photo credit for all photos: Iorane

You can see more of Iorane's beautiful clothes on their Instagram page, definitely check them out:

& also here:

So, what do you guys think of Iorane? Do you like their take on sequin dresses? Is this a brand you're interested in & would wear to a special occasion?

Let me know in the comments below!

Post on : Jun 16, 2019
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Author : Cynthia C.

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