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Welcome to the Spreading Color!
Welcome to the Spreading Color!

A little about what we want to achieve with Spreading Color.

Hello there! My name is Cynthia and I’m part of the Spreading Color Team.

My goal is for Spreading Color to become a hub for South American fashion brands and designers. An online store where you can come shop for the best and most colorful clothes from throughout this continent. The beauty of South American fashion is perhaps unknown to you and it’s for the most part what this blog will explore.

I am fully aware that at the moment our store sells clothing not made by South American brands. This is temporary, and in the meantime, I have chosen brands that reflect the theme and feel of our store.

Our lovely model Constanze wearing our Piu Piu Red & White dress, which is on sale now!

Our lovely model Constanze wearing our Piu Piu Red & White dress (which is on sale at the moment!)

Another photo of our lovely model Constanze.

Another photo of Constanze holding her refreshing cocktail.

Constanze wearing our Sunset Kiss dress.

Above Constanze wearing our Sunset Kiss dress.

Another aspect of this blog is for me to share with you my own clothing designs for the store. I should inform you that I don't have a fashion degree, but I do have a lot of ideas I'd love to incorporate and try out. I'd love your feedback on it too! Ultimately, I'd love to see my designs materialize in the store. But most importantly, I want to design clothing that you guys want in your lives and find very special to wear.

So, besides my noob drawings, you can also expect to find posts on the following topics:

• Showcasing specific South American brands and their collections (maybe there’s one you really love, and you’d like Spreading Color to offer it in store - you can tell us!)
• The design and production process of some South American brands (those brands of which we hope to sell)
• South American fashion news
• Interviews with South American designers.
• Our photo-shoots/our styling

Ultimately, I want to use this blog to show you everything that Spreading Color does in order to bring you our apparel. I want to be fully transparent about our clothes and service. Buying clothes online can be difficult and I want to make that process as easy and informative for you as I possibly can.

That’s all for now!

See you in the next post!

Cynthia :)

A great photo illustrating that South American flair!

A great photo by Erick Guevara showcasing a South American inspired dress.

Photo credit: Erick Guevara photography Click on his name and it'll take you to his Instagram page, where you can learn more about this great photographer.

Credit: vestido oaxaqueño de @fedamg

Post on : Jun 15, 2019
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Author : Cynthia C.

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