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The story so far...

A memorable street in Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay

The idea for our brand sprang to mind during an unexpected yet wondrous time in Paraguay. There we discovered a wide variety of designers, brands and craftsmanship that are vibrantly colorful, confident and creative. Shops are filled with colorful and bright tones, while fabrics are iridescent, reflective and in multi-color blends. We loved it! There was one problem though, they were pretty much impossible to buy online. The lack of infrastructure and unreliable postal operators means that packages simply get lost and unfortunately this happens quite frequently in many areas of South America.

Through careful planning and special connections we found a way to reliably and safely import these lovely brands into Europe. We decided to offer a platform full of independent and unique brands from this part of the world, so you can get acquainted and connected to a completely different style.  All to enjoy, contemplate and purchase as your own.

The most identifiable trait of South America is its use of vivid color. Hence, our splendid name!

We are incredibly excited to forge our path ahead in the world of fashion. We’re a multi-brand online women’s fashion store run and operated by me, Cynthia, from the beautiful city of Görliz, Germany.

The how

Importing beautiful pieces from South America is no easy task. We search far and wide for brands that capture the South American spirit and are well-crafted.  The process of finding a brand that ticks all our boxes is long and intricate. It usually takes months of research; we reach out to individual designers, fashion distributors and showrooms throughout South America. Once the stock arrives in our office, quality control ensues. Each and every piece is inspected verifying vital attributes such as seam strength, stitching and fit, to name a few. Nothing leaves our warehouse that hasn’t been thoroughly inspected.


Our store is growing! We are striving to create a platform that capture’s our signature style of bold colors, sophisticated cuts and feminine silhouettes. All while staying true to our direction.

I hope your stay on our website has been captivating and fun. Please consider supporting our store by sharing your purchase on social media or by leaving a review of your purchase on our website. We would love to know how our garments are fitting and where we can improve as we grow our business. The better we do, the more beautiful pieces we can bring you from this colorful land.



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